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Foil Homes




The "Foil Home" series began in 2013 as a study of personal spaces. Filled with select items from my home (chair, lamp, book, foot rest, table, carpet, and myself) "Foil Home" is the transportation of a home environment to another location. The sculpture is completed when I occupy the space as I would in my own home. A viewing hole is provided to give onlookers a sight into this version my world Foil home #2,  a sculpture / performance piece inspired by the van I lived in the Summer of 2012, deals with the personal spaces we find ourselves in.

During the month spent in my van, Ii became aware of the physical “comfort zone” one creates around themselves and sought to recreate this space in a portable manner. When  asked to make a piece for Art SV/SF this fall I made another personalized space for myself to inhabit comfortably for the duration of the fair (3 days). The viewing hole (sized to fit one head at a time) served as a communication point between myself and the fair outside. 

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