Los Angeles based Artist Kelly Wall received her bachelors from Otis College of Art and Design in 2012 and completed her Masters at Calarts in 2019. The subjects of Wall’s work vary as much as the medium in which they are portrayed, but more often than not utilize humor to usher in and make palatable themes of solitude and social performance. Wall’s installations take influence from the occult, mundane realities, and mythologies, creating parallel worlds in which to view everyday normalcies from behind a new filter. A multimedia artist whose work includes sculpture, video, performance, and sound, her work is introspective while leaving ample space for the viewer to enter.


Otis College of Art and Design
Graduated with Honors
BFA in Painting

2017- 2019
Calarts MFA Art Program



2021                     Otis College of Art and Design

2019 - 2020       Reef Residency


March 2021       Vitrified Values

                               New Low

May 2020           How The Light Gets In

                               Scranch Hide-out

Nov. 2019           Future Ghosts
                              Human Resources Los Angeles

Sept. 2019         TALK MORE NOW
                              Nick Kochornswasdi Gallery

June 2019          Haunts
                              Joan Los Angeles

May 2019            And Then There is California
                              Annenberg Santa Monica

Feb. 2019          Blunt the Sharpness Soften the Glare
                             California Institute of the Arts

Aug. 2018         Calarts Group Show
                            California Institute of the Arts

Sep. 2018         Take Back the House
                            Francois Gehbaly Los Angeles

Sep. 2018         In Search of Lost Time
                            O’ Space

Jan. 2018         Automatonic Love
                            MFA Mid-Res Show
                            Calarts L-Space

April  2017        Psychic Roominations Over Couch Conversations
                            A1 Gallery DTLA

May  2016        The Last Thing You’ll Ever See
                           Solo Exhibition
                           Industry Gallery DTLA

Feb. 2016        You Gotta Pick the Devil, Before the Devil Picks You
                           Infinity Room, West Adams

Oct. 2015        Foil Home #2
                          Art Silicon Valley/San Fransisco

Sep. 2015       Art Party, Industry Gallery

Aug. 2015       Foil Home
                          Industry Gallery DTLA

Aug. 2015       Budding Heads: A Series of Softcore Blisters
                          Founding Fathers

July 2015         Wet Silk, Domestic Dance B

July 2015         Third Law, The Frog Three Woman Show
                            Domestic Dance A,                                                     
                            Performance and Installation

June 2015       Communicate Silently, Industry Gallery
                           Installation and Performance

Aug. 2014        Hilltop Show, Curated
                           Sculpture and performance

June 2014      Soup Ceremony,
                          Two Woman Performance

Sep. 2013       Moon Walkers
                          Laundry Room, The Brewery

May 2013        We are making peoples days as much as we are ruining them,
                          Otis College of Art and Design

Feb. 2013       Head Trauma group show,

                           Otis College of Art and Design

Nov. 2012       Headdress Rehearsal                            
                          Bolsky Gallery Otis College of Art and Design

May 2012        Silent Night Show
                         Curated, Sculpture and Painting