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You Gotta Pick the Devil, Before the Devil Picks You

AJ Collins + Kelly Wall

Feb 8 - Feb 29 2016

Press Release:


    In an attempt to bring life and beauty to the deserts of Southern California, the streets of Los Angeles have unknowingly been lined with the clever seed known as “Devil Trees”. The Devil Tree, so named for its large protruding spikes, cover our city in soft small clouds of cotton silk annually. Native to Brazil, the tree is a prison for an ancient evil tricked inside by a skilled carpenter. Crafted with a seven chamber interior, this tree becomes a home from which the devil can’t escape.

    In an effort to locate objectify and disempower evil, through the concentrated intent of ritual, two artists take on the role of cultural exorcists: Utilizing objects integrated with intent, where effect is absolute yet immeasurable. Resisting the mischievous corruptible nature of a spiritual gizmo, they make concise choices to avoid the overpowering nature that comes with being a ‘picker’.

    This exhibition invites viewers to glimpse the process of ritual while experiencing the central objects involved. A multi-media installation, consisting of video documentation relics and photography, creates a temple like lair that shows the process of self-reflection through the lens of mythology. 

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